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Women's Boxer Shorts Techno Tartan

Women's Boxer Shorts Techno Tartan

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Women's Boxer Shorts Techno Tartan

Tartan looks great, but why not make it even greater by adding in a funky techno colourway? Ladies, if that sounds up your street then these are the boxers for you!

These great boxer shorts look amazing, and they’re also made with a custom cut that’ll keep you comfy, with no riding up and cutting in.

They are made from our Cool De Sacs material, which is absorbent, flexible and feels super smooth on the skin. They’re ready for anything, whether that’s a day of adventuring or a lazy night in.

Not only that, but by buying these techno tartan undies, you’ll also be helping us raise money for various cancer charities across the UK.

It’s A Disco Wherever You Go

These women’s boxer shorts make whatever you’re wearing that little bit funkier, even if no one sees them, you know they’re there.

The design takes a Scottish staple, the tartan design, and gives it a bit of retro goodness with some bright techno colours added in.

These boxers are bold, and they’re for bold lassies who want something a little different from your dull 3-packs.

Keep Active With T.W.A.T. Technology

We make sure that our boxers are ready for everything that you have to throw at them, they’re sturdy, flexible and are made with an active lifestyle in mind.

If you are looking for a pair of workout boxers, look no further, because techno tartan boxer shorts use Bawbags’ Technical Wicking Active Technology (T.W.A.T.).

This keeps them both breathable and dry, even when you are an hour into your workout. You won’t have any unnecessary sweat patches killing your groove in these awesome pants!

The cut is designed for sporty folks too, it’s supportive, but the waist doesn’t cut in and there is no riding up or unpleasant wedgies.

Tested By World-Class Athletes

Our pants are tested by world-class athletes, so whether you’re running, lifting, or hitting those ski slopes, you can be sure that your base layer is fit for the best.

That’ll allow you to focus on smashing that workout without worrying about the dreaded wedgies and ride-ups that you’d get from cheaper pants.

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