Custom Ski Boot Fitting

A well-fitted boot is paramount for a good day on the mountain. Every foot is unique and complex, so new mass-produced boots will seldom fit off the shelf. We have the necessary experience and equipment to adapt the boot to meet your performance and comfort levels. We suggest booking in to see one of our expert boot fitters, each boot fit can take up to 2 hours to ensure your new boot is going to give you the comfort and performance you desire.  

Ski Touring specialists

Ski Touring Specialists

Inverness has always been a ski-touring hub. Our staff has an immense passion for ski touring. We have touring boots to suit every discipline, whether you are looking for a lightweight all-day uphill boot or something for Steeper freeride touring. As ski touring boots fill two roles; walking comfort and downhill performance, fit adaptions are more complex than a standard alpine boot. Inner boots are made from a closed-cell foam it is vital these are heat moulded correctly to ensure the boot will be comfortable both walking and skiing.

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Biomechanical Analysis

We provide a full Biomechanical analysis at the beginning of the boot fit, with our aim being to determine what level of support the foot will need inside the boot. This analysis will illustrate defining characteristics of your lower leg mechanics and allow us to suggest and perform the needed interventions to allow your foot total comfort and peak performance in the ski boot (or any other footwear).

More of the Science

Custom Insoles

We offer complete custom insoles for any form of footwear using vacuum technologies. Our aim is to support your arch in order to Nutralise your stance and foot shape.