Collection: Level


LEVEL establishes its leadership in the snow glove sector, thanks to its constant technological progress. Level thanks to its innovative approach and many applied technologies established itself as a world leader in the sector of snowboard protection gloves.

LEVEL has now succeeded in applying its philosophy of “innovative style” that characterizes the “snow” world, to the “ski” world, using the same concepts of innovation, safety and design.

LEVEL’s market positioning was immediately a winner. Thanks to its innovative applied technology involving state-of-the-art materials, and its passionate team, the company shot to the top of the snowboard equipment market. An important example of the company’s technological progress is the special wrist protection Biomex®, developed by LEVEL together with the Klinik Gut in St. Moritz, that can reduce the risk of sprains and fractures while snowboarding. Now, LEVEL goal is to develop its know-how in order to become a leader producer in the glove market for all winter sport activities. Innovative design, maximum quality, revolutionary style and innovative technologies are at the base of Level strategy, all along.