Walking Boot Fitting Service

A well-fitted boot is paramount for a good day on the mountain. Every foot is unique and complex, so no one boot will fit everyone. We measure your foot prior to any boot fit to ensure you are getting a boot that fits and is comfortable. Whether you are looking for a Boot or a shoe, leather or fabric, we will have something to suit you.


We are one of Altbeg's premier suppliers. We work closely with the brand to ensure the people of the highlands have access to their exceptional and unique fitting footwear. We stock a key range of Alberg boots in a variety of sizes, although we can source any of their footwear for our customers.

Our Stock

The correct Insole

Pairing your boot with an insole that offers support to your medial arch can both improve the fit of a boot and help with your natural gait while walking or running. During a boot fit, we will offer you a chance to try a variety of insoles and guide you to what we feel will work best for you.