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Starter Pack Nutrition Pack

Starter Pack Nutrition Pack

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High 5

Starter Pack Nutrition Pack

The HIGH5 Starter Nutrition Pack is a great place to start if you want to test our award winning products. It contains the most popular Energy, Hydration and Recovery products to help you get the most from your sport.

New to sports nutrition and wondering what you should be taking? The HIGH5 Starter Nutrition Pack is a selection of our favourite products to test some of the essential products to fuel and recover from a training session. The HIGH5 Starter Nutrition Pack will help sustain your performance and stay hydrated during sport. It also comes with a 750ml Drinks Bottle (leak-proof top, food grade plastic and dishwasher safe).

This pack is suitable for vegetarians and contains an assortment of bestselling flavours.

Pack contents: 1x Energy Gel + 1x Energy Gel Caffeine + 1x Energy Drink sachet + 1x Recovery Drink sachet + 2x ZERO (1 tablet) + 1x ZERO Caffeine Hit (1 tablet)

Please consider the environment and keep the countryside clean by taking your empty wrappers with you after use.

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