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Scotland Rugby Tartan Cotton Boxer Shorts

Scotland Rugby Tartan Cotton Boxer Shorts

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Scotland Rugby Tartan Cotton Boxer Shorts

Ever 'plaid' rugby? Well, whether you do or just manage our national team from the couch, you can support Scotland by wearing the Official Scotland Rugby Boxer Shorts. Featuring a classic tartan pattern, these look awesome and, just like our rugby players, can cope with even the most rambunctious of balls. 

Designed in collaboration with the Scottish Rugby Union, you can watch our heroes in your Bawbags, knowing that you're supporting both Scotland and worthy causes.

Not only do they offer the requisite comfort to sustain the stands, but they're also more than willing to support your little team if you want to go out and do a bit of rugby yourself! The last thing you want down there is a scrum.

It handles the balls

The beautiful tartan pattern demonstrates your love for Scotland's rugby team so that you can be a supporter throughout the day. Any day. Expect superior comfort and durability thanks to 100% cotton (bawganic, of course!), the best fabric for breathability. There's the right size for everyone, so you don't go wandering around willy nilly! Can those crystal balls predict the score?

If you're a rugby player yourself, or just like to work out, these boxers will keep you comfortable with their well-crafted structure. Or maybe you're a lounge lizard whose idea of exercise is a good brisk sit. You can still slouch like Bryan Ferry on the couch in front of Sky Sports 2, knowing that you're literally supporting a fine team and a worthy cause. 

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