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Probe 240

Probe 240

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Quick to assemble and easy to use: the Probe 240 is all about simplicity in the most complicated scenarios. Whether you spend your time in the mountains ski touring, freeriding or snowshoeing, an avalanche probe is an integral part of your equipment. Our probes have a singular purpose, and that’s what they are designed for, down to the very last detail. Durable aluminum provides a stable and lightweight construction for the Probe 240. The glove-friendly, high-tensile telescopic locking system and ergonomic handle locks the probe into place quickly and reliably, while the updated visual depth guide ensures you always have the right information to hand. The shaped tip has been designed to cut through debris efficiently, saving energy when probing. In an emergency situation, every second counts, which is why our avalanche equipment meets the highest possible safety standards. All Mammut avalanche probes are UIAA certified for efficient rescue, durability and ergonomic handling. This probe measures 45cm when collapsed, 240cm when extended, and includes a cover with integrated emergency plan.


  • Telescopic locking - reliable, effective tensioning system
  • Stable, lightweight probe segment made from durable aluminum
  • One-sided probe scaling
  • Durable tensile tensioning cord for maximum stability of probe tensioning system
  • Drop-shaped probe tip for energy-saving probing
  • Suitable for use with gloves
  • Practical probe cover with integrated emergency plan
  • Certification: UIAA standard 157 for avalanche rescue probes
Tensioning system: Telescopic Lock
Diameter: 12.75 mm
Collapsed length: 45 cm
Extended length: 240 cm
Number of segments: 6
Weight: 275 g
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