Altberg Malham

The Altberg Malham walking boot is a lightweight 2-3 season walking boot. It is very similar to the Fremington. However the A forme last is slightly more rounded at the smaller toes and straighter in the big toe. It still retains a narrow profile in the heel. There are lighter boots out there, however When you balance weight against durability, grip and support the Malham wins hands down.

We could go on about the Vibram soles and the rand etc. However if you have read this far you know that Altberg only make proper boots with the best materials and the manufacturing is second to none. Altberg are very particular about everything to do with their footwear including who is able to stock their products that is why only the best bootfitting specialist are allowed to stock them. 

Like all our advice with boots we would recommend booking an appointment with one very experienced bootfitters.