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Craigdon Inverness

Binding Servicing

Binding Servicing

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Binding Servicing

If both skis and bindings  or skis, boots and bindings are purchased from Craigdon Inverness binding mounting is free of charge. If you require services not listed below please get in contact with the shop for a quote.

Binding Adjustment and Din Setting (£10) - Re-adjustment of rail binding and resetting of DIN

Rail Binding Mounting (£30) - Fitting and DIN setting of rail bindings

Drill Mounting (£60) - Drill and mount binding on a flat deck ski with DIN setting

Repairing Stripped Hole (£10 per insert) - Fitment of brass Inserts to stripped holes

Mounting Binding Inserts (£100) - Fitting binding inserts (Binding Freedom / Quiver killers). We drill holes, fix the inserts to the ski and then mount your binding and set the DIN.

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