Alpha Sport Quickdraw 25cm


Alpha Sport Quickdraw 25cm

DMM Alpha Sport Quickdraws are amongst the best sport climbing can buy.

A few of our staff members have then and really like them here's what Buzz has to sya "I uses then specifically for sport climbing and find then very easy to clip the rope in to and the top carabiner sits nicely in any type of bolt".

The Alpha Sport quickdraw gives confident handling and easy clipping. Alpha carabiners have grippy back bars, deep rope baskets and a shape that sits naturally in the hand for ease of use. Solid gates improves handling and clipping action, and a rubber keeper on the rope end ensures the carabiner loads in its strongest orientation.

The Alphas are mounted on a thick nylon sling that makes it easier to haul back to your high point on a route. The quickdraw for sport climbers who prize easy handling and quick clipping.