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Bent Jnr Touring Set up

Bent Jnr Touring Set up

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Bent Jnr Touring Set up

Skis, Bindings, Startup Adapter and Skins everything you need to get the kids going up hill. 

Super maneuverable, stable, and effortless to handle, the Atomic PM Bent JR is an easy to control ski designed for kids ages 8-12 looking to gain confidence skiing the entire mountain. The slightly wider 85mm waist width adds stability and Dura Cap construction makes it super light while also adding durability that will endure many seasons of learning. Capable of floating in deeper snow conditions, pulling off tricks in the kid’s terrain park, and hitting the occasional kicker, at the end of the day the PM Bent JR shortens the learning curve for a junior skier.

Comes with Ski, Binding, Skins and Startup ski touring adapter.

All Mountain Rocker 15/75/10

Ski profile for on or off piste. Early rise in the tip, or in tip and tail for total versatility.

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