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Backland 88 + Skins

Backland 88 + Skins

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Lightweight, highly versatile, and constructed with lower-impact materials, the all-round Atomic Backland 88 is the ultimate touring ski of the future.

Shaping the future of the sport while realizing the limits of the planet comes the all-terrain Atomic Backland 88. The result of a scientific life cycle assessment, the lower-impact design of the Backland 88 reduces overall production waste and cuts CO2 emissions by 30%. Combined with new waste-reducing sidewalls, this construction is significantly reducing its environmental impact while optimizing the ski’s versatility on every type of touring terrain. The state-of-the-art All-Terrain Profile uses locally sourced poplar wood, less fiberglass, and less resin to create a ski shape that offers greater stability, even on harder surfaces. HRZN 3D – the next generation succeeding original HRZN tech – features a uniquely beveled tip that adds float in powder and seamlessly integrates into the Dura Cap sidewall for a hyper-responsive tip-to-sidewall-to-edge connection. A versatile ski built for those skiers who enjoy touring the entire mountain, the Backland 88 offers a bit more width underfoot for more soulful performance in any terrain. 

Backland Skins

The Atomic Skin 88/89 is a high quality PreFit Cut skin for Backland 88 and 89 SL skis in the Atomic Backland series, so there’s no additional trimming required. It’s made from a 70% mohair mix for exceptional grip as you climb, and it’s very durable and long lasting. Equipped with Hotmelt Glue, this skin delivers incomparable performance in a variable snow and weather conditions with greater durability.

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