Altberg tethera womens boot

The Women’s Tethera® is a classic 3 season hill walking boot, suitable for mountain walking. They are fully waterproof, and the upper design incorporates a seamless tongue, in the one-piece leather upper, minimising the ability for pesky water seepage. The water repellency is ‘backed up’ by a Sympatex® waterproof lining. 

They have superb underfoot support and great flex and torsional support, suitable for rough terrain.

If well looked after, these boots will last a good number of years and take you on some awesome adventures.

We could go on about the Vibram soles and the  rand etc. However if you have read this far you know that Altberg only make proper boots with the best materials and the manufacturing is second to none. Altberg are very particular about everything to do with their footwear including who is able to stock their products that is why only the best bootfitting specialist are allowed to stock them. 

Like all our advice with boots we would recommend booking an appointment with one very experienced bootfitters.