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Transalper 18+4 Backpack

Transalper 18+4 Backpack

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Transalper 18+4 Backpack

A multi-talented mountaineering pack: The Transalper 18+4 wins points as a light unisex backpack with expandable capacity for your trail outings and day tours. A clean look, yet all kinds of practical features: With the Transalper 18+4, you get a comfortable companion that can really hold quite a bit of gear and will always serve you well on adventures. Particularly practical: Depending on the intended use, you can quickly expand its volume with a full-wrap zipper to get four more liters of space, thus more room for your needs and that extra bit of flexibility. With the Transalper 18+4, you have everything you need and will never have to stop again to ponder which pack you need for that day’s tour. To that end, the Transalper 18+4 is a true lightweight, winning points with its simple, intuitive use. It snugs the body ergonomically and makes every movement you do so you can move quickly and efficiently. A variety of pockets, stowage and attachment options for fluids, mobile phone, poles, helmet, etc. are of course part of the package. Transalper 18+4 – the flexible multi-talented mountaineering pack.

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