Men's 3/4 Muscle Force Pants (Size - S)
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Men's 3/4 Muscle Force Pants

Size - S

These 3/4 EVOLUTION WARM Muscle Force pants feature both compression technology and seamless construction to give your body exactly what it needs to train harder, recover faster and perform at its best in cold temperatures. Compression technology improves performance in two ways: first, blood circulation is boosted, increasing muscles' ability to take in oxygen and nutrients. Secondly, muscle vibration is reduced by up to 42%, reducing fatigue and increasing recovery times, so you can push your limits for longer. These warm baselayer leggings deliver great next-to-skin comfort with zero risk of chafing from seams thanks to an innovative 3D rotary knitting technique that creates a seamless, high-stretch garment with the absolute minimum of stitching. An innovative, seamless waist design ensures a perfect fit during even the most energetic workouts, while integrated functional zones optimise breathability and ventilation where it's needed most, keeping your skin dry, however hard you're pushing yourself. Meanwhile, 'Effect by Odlo' utilises the antibacterial effects of silver to neutralise sweat-induced odour, keeping you feeling fresher for longer.