The SOTO Muka Stove has revolutionised common understanding of a gasoline camping stove’s characteristics such as becoming dirty with soot, cumbersome preheating, and maintenance before and after use. This gas stove combines a reliable, powerful output and ease of care. Muka is not a simple gasoline stove but the next generation of stove. 

So how does it work? Well, the Muka stove uses a currently unique method of 'atomizing' the fuel - Muka is in fact Japanese for atomizer - rather than evaporating it, like in many popular liquid fuel stoves. Most manual pressurizing liquid fuel stoves (MSR Whisper Lite, MSR XGK, Optimus Nova etc.) push the fuel, under low pressure, through a generating coil which then boils the fuel into vapor, and it is this vapor that ignites creating the burner flame. Despite the temperatures needed to vaporize the gasoline being low, a method has to be used to attain this boiling of the fuel, and this is the messy practice of priming the stove.

Where the Muka stove differs from its counterparts, is it sprays fuel under high pressure into a specially designed burner which directly atomizes the fuel into millions of microscopic droplets, which are then burned directly. Thus no priming is needed and the stove is quicker and simpler to use and creates far less dirt and soot.