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Midge Head Net

Midge Head Net

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Midge Head Net

The Trekmates Midge Headnet is essential wear for anyone venturing to the highlands and Islands of Scotland in summer. Also great for anywhere where flying insects, such as mosquitos or blackfly, may be a problem.

This micromesh 'bag' is incredibly light, and can be worn over the head to prevent biting midges getting to your skin. Use in conjunction with an effective insect repellent for a much more comfortable and enjoyable experience in midge infested areas

  • Micromesh construction
  • Simple over the head protection
  • Can be worn over a wide brimmed hat, to keep the mesh away from your skin.
  • Drawcord neck
  • effective against midges, mosquitos, blackfly, sandfly and any other biting insects
  • Recommended by the DofE Award Scheme
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