Icon Polar 320 lumen
£60.00 £90.00

Used by Mountain rescue teams, ultra-runners, winter mountaineers and anyone else who prefers a lighter-weight, high-powered headlamp, the Icon Polar has all the features of the Icon but also has a detached battery housing which stores in your jacket or rucksack to both preserve battery life in cold conditions and to lessen the weight on the headband.

The Icon has an amazing 320 lumen Quadpower LED with a 100m beam - perfect for avoiding Ben-nightment on Orion Direct! In addition, it can be switched over to two standard LEDs with a 35 lumen output and 10m beam on high setting - perfect for that long dark walk out back to the car. There are also a pair of red LEDs with a 35 lumen output and 10m beam on high setting which can be used to preserve night vision instead of the white LEDS. All modes have a dimmer switch that regulates light output from 320 lumens to 4 lumens and a strobe function lets you flash red or white lights.

It takes 4 x AA batteries (included) and a regulated output maintains a consistent lighting level as the batteries lose power. The batteries give up to 75 hours of light on high beam and 175 hours on low and a battery indicator light shows you how much life they have left. A lock mode prevents the torch becoming accidentally switched on in your rucksack. The battery pouch is easily detached from the torch by means of a plug and socket if you need to put an extra layer on etc. It can also be mounted on the strap as per a normal headtorch (the battery pack has the strap mounts on it), though the excess cable does need to be tucked away under one of the straps or in a clip. The process is a bit fiddly so that it is not something to be done on the hill, but certainly very easy to do for the summer months when the remote pack can be annoying and there is no need to keep the battery warm. It has an IPX7 rating meaning it is protected against water immersion down to 1 metre for 30 minutes.

  • One QuadPower LED spotlight, two SinglePower white LEDs and two SinglePower red LEDs emit 320 lumens (max. setting).

  • Red night-vision mode has proximity and strobe settings and activated without cycling through the white mode.

  • Settings include full strength (in proximity and distance modes), dimming, strobe, red night vision and lock mode.

  • Three-level power meter shows remaining battery life for three seconds after switching on headlamp.

  • Protected against water immersion down to 1m for 30 minutes (IPX 7).

Only 300g including batteries! Batteries included.

NB This latest version of the Icon does not take the rechargeable NRG Battery Pack.