Tecton 12 90mm
Tecton 12 90mm Tecton 12 90mm Tecton 12 90mm Tecton 12 90mm
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Tecton 12 

90mm brake

The Tecton 12 Ski Touring binding with Brakes is the latest in a breed of ski touring bindings which feature a pin toe piece and alpine styled heel. This the lightweight and efficiency of a pin touring binding, but with the efficient power transfer of an proper heel like an alpine binding

Fritschi have learned from the original Vipec binding and improved toe entry even further, for quick and hassle-free entry into the ski binding.

The rotation free heel built on a rail system with consistent forward heel pressure ensures accurate retention of your ski boot in the binding, whilst driving all the skier's feedback through the binding to the skis for agility and control.

The elasticity in the design of this binding, combined with the emergency auto release lever in the toe piece which only activates when you over rotate forwards on the nose of your skis, improves safety to a level not seen previously on pin touring binding systems.