Soto Amicus
Soto Amicus Soto Amicus stove



I’m a stove collector and I recently bought an Amicus and just got to see the leg unfolding mechanism. The way it uses a sprung rivet that lets the leg rotate and catch on the pivot is a very clever design! I’m surprised that none of the stove reviewers caught it but it is an excellent design since it deploys quickly, locks securely and easily folds back down by just gently pushing it off the latch. This is not to mention it folds up to be very compact without the legs flipping out when it is put back into the stuff sack. It really is a design worthy of praise. Eugene C.

SOTO launched their first entry-level stove in 2015. The Amicus is a reliable, high performance/low-cost stove. Highly recommended for first time stove users. Light-weight and compact. Comes with 4-prong pot supports for stability. Package includes Amicus without Stealth Igniter and stow bag.