AK 47 Size 2 Red
The AK47 is the icon of the crux range. Launched in 2002, it remained virtually unchanged for over a decade – a testimony to the enduring appeal of its ruthless functionality and aesthetic simplicity. The 3rd-generation AK47, introduced in 2015, is identical to its predecessor in features and function. The main differences are a new fabric, which now contains 40% Kevlar (up from 28% previously), a titanium frame that is fully malleable (as well as removable), and an all-welded construction for complete water-resistance.

Designed for classic alpine mountaineering, the AK47 is small enough for shorter climbs yet big enough for multi-day routes. It will hump a heavy load of hardware to the bottom of a route with sufficient comfort, but when empty is so light that you hardly notice it on steep ground. What really sets the AK47 apart, though, is its stark, minimalist design. Features have been pared to the brink of absolute necessity, with enough detail retained to allow each climber to tailor the pack to his/her unique style.